Globally, there are more than 300million smallholder farmers who have little or no access to the science of farming and very limited visibility to the markets they produce for. Ecodev’s AgriConnect™ is the technology platform framework with the goal of aggregating local farming best practices, on-the-ground support and training and access to markets for small and medium farmers to realize the full potential of resources available to them. AgriConnect™ promotes agtechnology as the bridge between science and commercial sustainability. Powered by innovative mobile and wireless technology architecture and an ecosystem of partner network that includes farm equipment companies, seed and input producers, finance and insurance companies and telecom providers,

AgriConnect™ provides the ideal platform to farmers to grow and sell their produce using the most advanced   combination of technology and research. The key tenets of Digitization adopted by AgriConnect™ are:

  • Data harvesting: Acquiring data from the field using a combination of agtechnology and remote sensing
  • Personalized advisory: Transform data into actionable instructions for the farmer using local research insights
  • Value Chain fulfillment: Provide access to a network of agriculture ecosystem players (logistics providers, financiers, food processors and others) thru a combination of mobile internet and smart applications

Digitizing Agriculture