EcoDev, as a provider of specialised consultancy services, focuses on three broad work streams. The projects that we have worked on cover one or more of the following areas:

Environment and Natural Resource Management:

EcoDev’s work focuses on natural resource management, where resource poor rural and urban communities are encouraged to adopt participatory approaches to conserve existing resource pools in the areas like agriculture, watershed development and management, forestry, wetland management, community-based fisheries and aquaculture.

Social Justice and Empowerment:

This work stream looks at issues which contribute to enhancement of social justice for marginalised people. Project work under this stream includes capacity building which enables communities to take their own decisions instead of only depend on top-down intervention, mainstreaming participation in local governance (strengthening the linkage between civil society organisations and the government), improving the quality of governance and inputs for policy making on issues of social justice.

Process Management:

The focus here is on the re-engineering of ongoing processes for value addition and re-positioning of efforts, and advising on how to improve the delivery mechanism of a product or an existing development intervention.

Our Core Consulting skills that specialize in these workstreams include:

  • Social analysis

Rural and urban poverty | Livelihood analysis | Vulnerability analysis | Participatory Action Research | Participatory Technology Development in Agriculture and Natural Resources | Farmer Participatory Research

  • Development Management

Institutional analysis | Project management | Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation | Impact Assessment | Conflict Resolution | Mainstreaming participation in local governance: the Community-based Organisation (CBO) – Non government Organisation (NGO) – Government Organisation (GO) linkage

  • Facilitation

Facilitating community led development process with local communities | Farmer to farmer extension strategy development | Workshop facilitation | Process documentation | Communication research and IEC strategy development