EcoDev is a leading-edge knowledge advisory organization specializing in designing programs, process management, delivery models and impact assessment in industry sectors viz., agriculture & agribusiness, nutrition, & hygiene and sanitation. EcoDev brings in core knowledge and expertise of Behavioral economics, Neuroscience and Data Analytics to develop appropriate and effective solutions to the clients. EcoDev operates in India, South Asia and Africa since 2004 with a team of highly committed and experienced group of professionals having diverse experiences and exposure. EcoDev partners with Government, Corporations, R&D Agencies, INGOs and community organizations. Over the years EcoDev has worked in various complex, diverse and risk prone ecosystems. EcoDev has developed a strong portfolio of working with marginal and disadvantaged communities in emerging economies.


“Add value” to change and transform business processes to bring in unique value proposiiton and impacts to the stakeholders


Develop science and evidence based appropriate solutions, analytics and services Help clients to remain relevant and competitive in the markets


Industry Practices

Agriculture Value Chain

Environment & Natural Resource Management


Hygiene & Sanitation

Entrepreneurship & Skill Development

Advisory Functions

Program Design, Feasibility, Monitoring & Evaluation Impact Assessment & Monitoring Program Implementation Support

Strategy Formulation, Sustainability, Knowledge & Innovation Management

Performance Management, Mentoring

Skill Development, Cluster Development

Were Present in

South & Southeast Asia :

India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines

Africa :

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zamabia, Malawi, Ethiopia, Senegal, Nigeria, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tunisia

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