AgriCONNECT is a knowledge solution Platform consisting of a range of interconnected tools and solutions that enhance the viability, efficiency and profitability of agriculture value chain.

AgriCONNECT works with all the stakeholders of agriculture value chain at various levels of business and operations to optimize gains.

agriCONNECT connects producers with market through enabling products and services and necessary knowledge infrastructure.

AgriCONNECT provides following services viz.,

  • Design

  • Planning

  • GoToMarket

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Business Development Services

  • Sustainability through a host of tools


  • Business Dss
  • Market layer
  • Personalization
  • multi-channel
  • Linking agri knowledge tools to business actions (e.g. Semantics, Web2.0)
  • Build analytics and simulation layers on existing research data
  • Convert machine generated data (e.g. sensors and remote sensing) as direct inputs to crop models
  • Create buyer/seller linkages
  • Enable transactions and fulfillment
  • Price discovery mechanisms
  • Platform for F2F connect
  • Create agri social network (producer-expert-business - research)
  • Contextualize information to user needs
  • Brick and Mortar Infrastructure
  • Broad based technology and tool adoption(e.g. mobiles, smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Scalable data hosting models (Cloud)


  • Setting up Commercial farms
  • Planning for inputs management, technology
  • Risk Profiling & Mitigation Strategies
  • Advisory services on crop management, Irrigation management, mechanization, post
    harvest, logistics
  • Support services – interfacing for Government programs, credit linkages, investment


  • Aggregation companies –
    finding contract growers
  • Management of Post Harvest
    facilities – warehouse, cold chain
  • Supply chain management
    for Processing companies


  • Evaluation, Analytics & design
  • Best Practice Documentation
    SOP development
  • Action Research Pilot Studies